Boho Home Inspo + St. Eve Jewelry Giveaway

Maybe you know my girl St. Eve Jewelry from when I talked about her handmade jewelry or when I got to style this fun festival shoot with her. She kills it at the jewelry game but did you know she just launched a home goods section with some super cute accessories for the bohemian home? Check out this super cute mini lookbook she did with my pals from Dulcet Creative and deck your house out with some boho accessories! PLUS if you want to score some rad St. Eve goods, we've teamed up to offer one lucky winner a $100 store credit! Enter at the bottom of the post + on Instagram.

St. Eve x Songbird Giveaway


3 Year Old Birthday / Backyard Movie Night Party

Gram's birthday party was featured on 100 Layer Cakelet last week but I thought I'd post a few more pictures here and talk a bit about throwing his party.

I posted about this a few weeks ago when I posted his Big Brother Party but I have a very sensitive little dude and we've been attached at the hip for basically three years straight. I can literally count on one hand the number of nights I've been away since he was born. He's definitely my ride or die sidekick. Then came baby sister. I knew Gram would have a hard time warming up since he's very slow to warm up with new people, let alone someone who lives in his house and is wrapped up on his mama all day long. Months before she was born, I prepped for this party to make sure it was special but easy to pull off with a newborn since their birthdays are only 3 weeks apart! I had my pal Jacquelyn of Beijos Events help me come up with ideas and a mood board, which helped a ton. I highly recommend their Beijos Events E-Celebrate service!

I wanted to make sure he felt loved and that he could have the spotlight for the day. He picked a few of his best buds to come over and we kept it to mostly family since I didn't know how I'd be feeling just a few weeks postpartum. We ordered a giant pizza from a local place, set up a movie in the backyard and hung with our little crew of peeps. The party went off without a hitch and was the perfect laid-back celebration for our little three year old!

The invites were designed AND sent out by my girl Twinkle & Toast. She literally addressed, stamped and mailed them for me because she's the absolute best.

Studio BDR whipped up these adorable signs we placed around the party. Beijos Events helped me come up with some of these catchy slogans!

If you ask Dusty to do something, he's going to do it 100 times better than anything you would've ever imagined. I asked him to make a little snack stand for the party that could turn into Gram's little work bench for his tools after the party. I showed him a really simple snack stand and THIS is what he dreamed up!

This is our little craft table that stays in the backyard, which Dusty made too. We set it up with some little place settings for the kiddos and they each got their own s'mores kit too. Gram helped me put a fresh coat of paint on it that morning since it had been out in the sun for a year and had seen lots of use for crafts and outdoor activities! Dusty made the table from an old pallet and a piece of plywood.

The plates, cups & black plastic silverware are from Amazon (the best friend of a a tired pregnant mama or newborn mama stuck at home!) I actually got those vegan Dandies marshmallows from Amazon too! The placemats I had made at Kinkos from a clipart design I bought from a stock site. 

And being the Mexican blanket queen that I am, we had little cookies made that look like our Whitecap blanket! It was perfect since our movie night was filled with lots of snuggly Mexican blankets in this neutral color palette. 

No party at our house is complete without a run on the halfpipe. Here's Gram shredding with my dad!

Told ya there were lots of blankets involved!

My father-in-law owns a guitar shop up in Oceanside so Gram has been hooked up with literally every musical instrument ever. This year, he asked for an electric guitar that shot lasers. Since he's a big fan of Van Halen, we compromised on the lasers with a kid-sized electric guitar, customized to look like a Van Halen guitar with the perfect name!

Little dude had a blast dishing out popcorn from his snack stand!

Dusty also whipped up with movie screen right before guests got there. He's the best.

We had Studio BDR whip up this sign we can re-use for future movie nights! His original choice was Monsters Inc but once the sun went down, he changed his mind to The Lorax. Such a fun movie for all ages!

During the day, kiddos got to put on their temporary tattoos we had handy from our shop and once the sun went down, we busted out the glow in the dark bracelets and let them go to town connecting them to make all kinds of crazy jewelry! Such a fun little way to end the night!

Photography: Taryn Kent / Design Inspiration: Beijos Events E-Celebrate / Signage: Studio BDR / Invitations: Twinkle & Toast / Gram’s Grub Snack Stand & Movie Screen: Rael Made / Cookies: Raechal’s Custom Cookies / Extra Seating/Lounge Rentals: Pow Wow / Blankets: Gunn & Swain


Beachy Baby Nursery Beginnings + A Newton Mattress Discount and Giveaway

So we're 7 weeks into this gig of being parents to two kiddos. Our gal Lizzy is the sweetest little chunky peanut. Thanks to her excellent nursing skills, she's packing on the pounds, which seems to be helping her sleep for longer and longer intervals. We're hoping to transition her from co-sleeping in her Dock-A-Tot over to her crib around 3 months. We finally started working on her little corner of the room and started with the crib since that's all she'll really need for the next few months. 

Wallpaper: Kawaiian Lion | Pillows: Kawaiian Lion | Crib: Ikea Sniglar (painted) 

We just moved Gram over to a big boy bed (more on that later!) which he is super stoked about and had no problem passing down the crib to baby sister. He took to potty training really well right after he turned two but that doesn't mean that the past year has been without some nighttime accidents so we didn't want poor baby sister to inherit his funky old mattress. That's where Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress comes in. We were so excited to learn about this mattress because we're really paranoid about toxins in our mattresses and the Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress is 100% breathable, washable and recyclable. It is made without chemicals or toxins and has no off-gassing. So much better than your average run of the mill mattress!

how cute is that little cloud design too?! | Lizzy's romper | Lizzy's bow

Speaking of being paranoid parents, I still go in Gram's room three years later to make sure he's breathing at night. So of course we're just as neurotic with our tiniest babe and love that the Newton Wovenaire allows for maximum airflow. This also helps to regulate body temperature, which helps them stay asleep longer. That's basically the holy grail of parenting, right? SLEEP. Plus, the mattress cover is washable in case she has accidents when she gets bigger and the inside core can be sprayed down in the shower or tub! So rad that a little potty accident won't destroy this mattress.

If you're interested in upgrading your mattress situation or are about to have a new babe, I'm super excited to be able to share with you a discount from NewtonIt’s a bigger discount than they offer on their website! Save $30 off a full-size or mini-crib mattress with discount code SDSONG30 at checkout & there's no expiration on that. PLUS enter to win a mattress of your own and $100 to Gunn & Swain to spruce up your nursery but checking out the module below. Good luck!

Baby Nursery Gear Giveaway

Please note: she will not be sleeping in the crib with any pillows or animals! Also, Newton supplied us with this mattress but I really am in love with it!


Wyeth Eyewear // For The Dudes

When my pals over at Wyeth Eyewear asked if I could style up Dusty for a mini shoot, of course I was all about it. We love their sunnies and are always down to work with their rad crew. I think I might embarrass Dusty if I plastered his face all over social media so I'm just going to leave these right here for some dude style inspo. Plus I'll throw in a few of our bud, Chris from the same shoot. Love these dudes and their sunglass modeling skills. All styles available at Wyeth Eyewear.

Dusty built that half pipe in our backyard

And he built this rad shed.

Hiii Rufus!


Now Playing // Father John Misty Pure Comedy + Humphrey's Show

Father John Misty is playing Humphrey's on April 12th. I'm super bummed to miss this show but my little two month old won't give me the night off so you should totally go and let me live vicariously through you. Father John Misty also has a new album, Pure Comedy, out April 7th, 2017.

Here's a sneak from the new album:

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