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Styling A Summer Patio

Styling A Summer Patio

We’ve been working on sprucing up our new back porch addition and still have a bit of work to do. I figured as I’m brainstorming our styling ideas, I’d throw out a few fun ideas for styling a summer patio.


A few cozy blankets.

Throw them on the ground for an impromptu picnic or keep them handy if the evening gets chilly.


Floor Pillow Seating

We are all about casual entertaining so we love these floor pillows as extra seating.


Baskets For Storage

You can never have too many! These are great to leave on your patio to store rolled up blankets in.


Summer Scents

Set the mood with a summer candle scent. This Sunkissed candle is perfection.

Seaesta Surf Kids Swimwear

Seaesta Surf Kids Swimwear

The Perfect Beach Blanket

The Perfect Beach Blanket