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The Most Comfy Eco Friendly Mattress Around

The Most Comfy Eco Friendly Mattress Around

A few years ago, our friend introduced us to Keetsa mattresses. At the time we were sleeping on a mattress we'd purchased right after we got married that was majorly uncomfortable but we'd added a memory foam topper from Costco that was super comfy. The only problem was that when we opened up that memory foam topper, it smelled like awful chemicals. Every time I went to bed, I thought about what those chemicals could be doing to our bodies while we spent a good portion of each day on it. We decided to seek out a safer alternative and went with the Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic after our friend recommended it. It was so comfy that I swear I didn't notice a difference in comfort-level from that amazing (chemical-filled) memory foam topper to our solo Keetsa.


Fast forward to a year ago when Lizzy was born and we needed to free up Gram's crib so that she could sleep in it (a cruel joke since she's actually sleeping in our bed still!!) We'd always had an organic, safe mattress for Gram so once we upgraded him to his twin bed, we knew we needed a similar option and it was a no-brainer for us to go with Keetsa again. We bought him the Keetsa Plus Twin mattress. It was a major upgrade for him since that crib mattress was as hard as a rock.

There are a ton of mattress companies out there these days who will roll up a mattress into a tiny box but do your research about what's actually inside! Here's the deets on Keetsa's ingredients:

  • Made with soft BioFoamover individually wrapped coils, providing firm support. About BioFoam™: They replace a portion of the synthetic material in the foam with plant oil, to reduce the dependency on chemicals and to lower the emissions of harmful VOCs.  

  • The Foam: Meets CertiPUR-US® program standards for content, emissions and durability, and are analyzed by independent accredited testing laboratories.  CertiPUR-US® approved foam is made without ozone depletes, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants. It is also made without mercury, lead, heavy metals and formaldehydes. 

  • The Cover:  Unbleached 100% Cotton cover, certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO TEX® for safety when direct contact to skin. Channel quilted with fiber fill to keep the cover breathable and more comfortable.

  • Keetsa mattresses are not organic or 100% natural BUT they are the best of both worlds when it comes to looking for a mattress that's actually comfortable and affordable but much safer than standard mattresses out there. Keetsa's mission is to deliver a comfortable, affordable and durable mattress in an eco-friendly manner. 

  • Here's a ton of info about Keetsa's ingredients and features

  • Use code "HAPPY5OFF" for a 5% discount if you're interested in snagging a Keetsa of your own!


We recently decided to pass Lizzy's crib on to another family since she's going to be in the bed with us for quite a while. We're going to get her room set up with a twin bed since she'll probably be with us until it's time to go to a big kid bed anyway. We just ordered her Keetsa Plus Twin mattress today! Now we just need to decide if we're getting her this rattan daybed or have Dusty make something for her! More to come on that.

Gram's rad bed was made by his dad, Rael Made. Photos by Taryn Kent. Pillows by Kawaiian Lion / peace flag + pillow available at Gunn & Swain. Mattress provided by Keetsa but we bought two so I stand by my glowing review!

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