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Style At Home With Alden + Alex

Style At Home With Alden + Alex

Last weekend I helped my friends Alden and Alex deck the halls at their new home in Oceanside. Alden is the founder of Soul Shapers, a company that gives back and highlights those who are doing good for their community/the world. They’re such a sweet and real couple and I can’t wait to watch them transform their new house into a home.

Florals by Wallflower Inspiration
Photos by Taryn Kent

G & S: Where is the coziest place in your home?
Alden + Alex: The couch of course :D. However we spend so much time in the kitchen and outside which are also cozy in their own way! Those areas will be renovated in time :)


G & S: What’s something that defines home for you?
Alden + Alex: Lately it's been as simple as cleanliness ha. Since we started renovating, it's been quite the whirlwind of DIY projects and having things torn apart. So we really just appreciate when there are settled moments and we can get to a place of comfort opposed to feeling like the house under construction.

G & S: What’s a project you’re looking forward to finishing on the house?
Alden + Alex: Right now we canNOT wait to finish our sunroom, or lack of! We recently tore out the sunroom to create easier access to the backyard, and the plan is to replace those walls with floor to ceiling glass BiFold Doors (BiFold Doors: multiple panels which open by folding back in sections)! Then we will tear down the inside walls to create the indoor/outdoor living option.

PS follow the renovation fun over on Instagram at


G & S: Anything you want to talk about with your work with Soul Shapers and the experience you’ve had with people who’ve lost their homes due to fire? What are some good ways for people to get involved if they want to help or donate?
Alden: Soul Shapers is dear to my heart because I started it to raise awareness for those who are doing good, and to help others. I'm grateful to have raised over $50,000 for CA Fire Relief, and will annually continue this type of Fundraiser as long as there is a need for it. After my Dad lost his home in October of 2017, our family home, it will always be very personal to me, and I will always do what I can to help. 

I feel beyond lucky and blessed to have a roof over my head… you really start to see things differently after losing so much.

Also, there are some GoFundMe pages that are still active, however please keep in mind there will be a need for help for months, and quite honestly years to come.

Follow Soul Shapers on Instagram + online for ways to get involved in this and many other charitable organizations and activites.


Mama Muse: Jen Hawkins

Mama Muse: Jen Hawkins

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