Kid-Friendly Beach Day Essentials

Even though we're all ready and raring for cool weather and fall vibes, the reality here in Southern California is that beach days and summer weather is here for a solid month or more. I figured that even if you aren't headed to the beach soon, you might want to save these tips for the next time you go, especially since that last tip has been a game changer for us! So here are my absolute must-haves for an afternoon - or even a quick trip to the beach:

  • Wipes - these help when you've over done it on the sunscreen and someone rubs it right in their eyes. Plus they're great for wiping sandy hands before snacking or if you brought snacks that are a little messy.
  • Sunscreen stick - I've found that these are easier to put on and my little guy even likes to help roll it on. The spray sunscreen can make it easy to miss spots on your kiddo's body so this has been more foolproof for us. This Babyganics stick is a safe, mineral sunscreen and we love it!  
  • Baby powder - Ok, best beach trick ever. Once your day of fun is over, that sand can be so pesky to get off hands and feet - even if you shower off at the beach. We like to head for the car and shake off as much as we can on the way and then once we're at the car, sprinkle some baby powder on sandy hands and feed and VIOLA - the baby powder whisks the sand right off! Just make sure you get the talc-free powder for safety reasons. This Comforts for Baby brand is the Ralph's/Koger generic one and it's super cheap for a huge bottle you can just leave in your car or beach bag!
Pick up some waters and snacks + all of these essentials at Ralph's on your way to the beach and you're ready to hit the sand runnin'!

Plus, you always need a stylish Mexican beach blanket and a good pair of kids boardshorts for swimming! 

This post is sponsored by Ralphs but all tips and opinions are my own. Ralph's Grocery store has an excellent selection of baby & mama products for all occasions.



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