If you were looking for a post about Sparks based on this title, you are going to be disappointed.  I do, however, want to talk for a minute about how to style kimonos.  Seeing as how I'm now growing in size everyday (at least it feels like it), I'm constantly challenged to find wardrobe pieces that will not only work for the next few months of expansion, but will also work afterward so I'm not just flushing my money down the toilet on fat maternity clothes.  Right now what that seems to be boiling down to is high-waisted black leggings, a long black tank (this one is THE BEST) and then something cute over that to mix it all up.  The perfect addition to this basic outfit?  A fun, flowy kimono.  Then, come summer time when I've lost all my baby weight and have a six pack again (it's called manifesting!) I can wear it as a beach cover up or with jean shorts.  I've got my eye on one of these beauties from Arnhem.

If you're in the U.S. and the shipping from Oz is too steep for you, check out their list of stockists here, order online here or pop into Prism Boutique... who should have their online shop up and running any day now too!


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