2013 IS RAD

So 2013 is here and I'm ready to kick some serious ass.  My resolutions aren't groundbreaking and I'm sure they're pretty much the same as yours but I need to get them out in the universe to make sure that someone somewhere can hold me accountable.  Here's what I have in mind:

I got a Vitamix for Christmas from my parents so instead of juicing, I'll be making some smoothies and keeping all that fruit and veggie fiber intact (juicing gets rid of fiber, which makes it easier to digest and there are benefits to both so do what works best for you!)  I also can't wait until it's a bit warmer so I can whip up my acai bowls again now that I have a high-powered fancy blender.

Starting January 7th, Heather, Haydee and I are doing the barre3 28 To Great Challenge.  You should do it too... it's only $28 and it comes with loads of inspiration and guidance to get the ball rolling for a fit 2013.  Read more here.  I'm also taking Pilates classes with my sister at UCSD, which I'm pretty pumped about.  It's a super good deal ($90 for the quarter!) so you should check it out here if you're local.  I'm also continuing my rigorous gym routine, which consists of watching an hour episode of the Real Housewives of ____ at the Y a few times a week and a Cowles hike every chance I get.  It's a great fitness plan and I highly recommend it if you aren't trying to get a six pack anytime soon.

Finally, I realized that the left side of my face and neck have way more freckles than the right, which means I have sun damage from driving and clearly need to do a better job of putting on sunscreen.  That's why I'll be stocking up on my fave sunscreen from Josie Maran.  Depending on how my next dermatology appointment goes, I may also be investing in a Face-Kini.

I'm also planning on making a lot more money this year and going on some sort of rad vacation but I'm still trying to figure out how exactly to do both of those things so they didn't make it onto the graphic.  Feel free to let me in on your suggestions.

On 1/1/13, Dusty and I woke up in Santa Barbara and strolled along the beach, which was a peacefully perfect way to start out the year.  No complaints so far.

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