It's been years since I got in the water in an attempt to surf. Surfing is hard work and I never really had the patience or motivation to stick it out. At the end of last summer, I started to entertain the idea again.   Finding this super cute line of rashguards and surfing-friendly suits from Seea is helping to motivate me for sure.  Their suits are locally crafted in Southern California out of 100% California (and vintage) product... even their hangtags hang with a hairband you can actually use.  I mean... could it get any cuter?   A fashion-forward and practical surf line for ladies is just what the industry (and I) needed.  Shop Seea here and check out their blog here.

A changing cape!  I mean...


Mike said...

It's pretty hard but fun once you get good.

julia wheeler said...

That has always been my problem... sticking with it! ;)

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