I got these sandals on our honeymoon in Greece, which means they're 4 years old.

They're worked.  They've been to the leather repair dude multiple times and every time I wear them, I feel like they're going to bust and that gives me anxiety.  I'm thinking I may get a new pair from Ancient Greek Sandals since they're so similar and still Greek.

The only thing that makes me sad is that these won't have the nostalgia of my honeymoon pair... the memories of negotiating a better deal for buying multiple pairs, getting a custom fit, being in Greece (the most amazing place on the planet) and all of that.  Maybe I just need to go back.  I'm trying to convince Dusty that we should move to Mykonos and he can be a fisherman and I'll get a job at Club Ramrod or something.

Yes, it's a gay bar and yes that is the best gay bar name ever.


Meghan said...

take me with you!

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