Please don't punch me for reminding you that beach days and bikinis are just around the corner.  With the weather we're having right now, beach days and bikinis are here for the taking now.  That's got me inspired to break out the juicer, cleanse it up and get a new suit to reward myself.  These are the suits that are inspiring me:

L*Space Fringe Printed One Piece

Disco Queen One Teaspoon Empire Sequin One Piece - Cher wants me to have this

Mara Hoffman Beaded Rays One Piece

I think you have to be in better shape for a one-piece than for a two-piece for some reason.  Is it just me?  If we're being real, I'm not buying any of these suits because I'm not 22 anymore and fringe on my lady parts just isn't what needs to be happening.  I'm probably buying this:

Anchors Aweigh

And definitely this:

Sundry Printed Towel


Krissy :: Miss B and Hustle said...

I agree - one pieces seem harder to pull off! I also swear tye bottoms are more flattering since they lay on the skin, instead of dig in with elastic! Yikes - this post is inspiring me to get my ass into yoga!

La Feem said...

Flaca, go for the fringe! Your still young and hot, whoop it up!! (Gisele and a few other famous bikini models are 30 btw.)

modernhaus said...

I would need to have things amputated to look good in any of those one-pieces!! So true that you've got to be hotter to pull off a one-piece than a two-piece, but ahem, you ARE HOT dummy. Wear it while you can, do it for those of us who can't!!!

cosplay costumes said...

I totally agree with you!I prefer two-piece.It looks hot!

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