Dusty and I just watched Thrashin' last weekend (while I was couch-bound with food poisoning... a highly effective way to get bathing suit-ready) and not only was it fun to watch the cameos from every rad skater from the 80s and to laugh and the horrible acting and how seriously The Daggers took themselves ("Should I wear the skull or the dagger earring?  Should I wear it with the gold hoop or the cross bones?  Come on, Cindy, this is important to me." -- not an exact quote but not an exaggeration).  Anyway, it was also just super fun to watch the fashion.  Neon and sleeveless vests abound in that movie... as do Vans.  The first and the most quintessential skate shoes ever.  During my first month as an intern at TransWorld, I got to personally mail Steve Van Doren his invite to the TWS Skate Awards and I thought I might pee my pants with excitement.  That's my special moment/story of Steve Van Doren... exciting, I know.  I think I had a couple of run-ins with him backstage at the Skate Awards over the years and maybe we brushed shoulders.  Once Dusty and I were on the same flight from London to LA as him.  Also thrilling memories.  Regardless of how lame my stories are of Mr. Vans, I'm pretty stoked on this Fall 2012 line Vans is putting out... The "Van Doren Series" comes out later this Summer and features some of the same elements as his original designs.  So rad... The Ramp Locals would approve.

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La Feem said...

I love your stories and these are super cute!

julia wheeler said...

my stories are LAME but i freaking love the shoes!

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