Back In Stock // Samudra Pouches

After being sold out for what seemed like forever, Samudra pouches are back in stock.  I got my hands on this bad boy and I am in lurve:

Samudra Mokulua Pouch

I have to say, it was a tough choice with so many rad options:

Samudra Tahiti Reef Pouch

Samudra Tulum Wave Pouch

Samudra Flamingo Pouch


modernhaus said...

That feather one is cool, but I'm still rocking my mini leather Coach backpack.
I dont' know about anything cool anymore.
I'm getting at best a D in cool. Tutor me in cool, Jules?

bink and boo said...

That flamingo pouch is awwwwwwesoooome

Theresa / inspirationCOOPERATIVE said...

Lurving the feather pouch. I can see why these babies sell out.

julia wheeler said...

buy them before they're gone, yo.

summer, i just really love you. actually, i think mini-backpacks are kind of in again. the 90s are in. keep your stuff around long enough and it will come back... as heinous as you might think it is 10 years later, it'll be cool in 20.

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