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I really had every intention of posting last week.  We spent the week at my parent's amazing Taos House... one thing lead to another and I slipped into another world, hypnotized by the amazing view from the comfy leather couch and warm fire... and I totally did no blogging whatsoever.  I'm sure you were all too crazed from the holidays, busy being thankful and didn't even notice... right?  Right.  I reallyyy wish I could teleport back to that couch... the fireplace... the views:

Welcome back to reality... Happy Monday y'all.


inspirationCOOPERATIVE said...

Missed you :). Welcome back. It's nice to take time off and just be (present in your surroundings), right? Making mental note right now.

rooth said...

That's quite nice. Sometimes we all just need an escape

julia wheeler said...

definitely a great break and a great escape!

bink and boo said...

Oh my gosh what beautiful views. That house looks amazing! (and yes I'm just catching up on my blogs)

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