Su Casa // Skate House

When I hear the term, "Skate House," it conjures up images of the old place Dusty used to share with 6 other dudes in Clairemont.  Put it this way... when their refrigerator broke one day, they wheeled it outside, closed it with duct tape and a few months later, decided to put a sign on it that read, "Free Beer" so they could see who would open the moldy, disgusting mess at their next party.  

This is a totally different type of Skate House.  Pierre-André Senizergues (founder of SoleTech) has plans to build his future Malibu home so that every surface in it would be skate-able.  From the bed to the couch to the kitchen counter.  The plans for his home are currently being finalized but these images from the prototype, built and shown in Paris at Public Domaine, should give you a good enough idea.

image via Shelter Pop

image via Shelter Pop

image via Shelter Pop
It sure seems Pierre has a knack for design as displayed in this house and in the Etnies boutique hotel room he created... read all about it at Happenstance


bink and boo said...

I can't stop laughing about the "free beer".

julia wheeler said...

girl, you would NOT be laughing if you saw it! haha

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