Etsy Finds // Cheap + Cute Pouches

I like to keep everything in my purse in separate compartments.  Therefore I have like 5 mini pouches within one larger pouch (my purse.)  It probably doesn't make much sense but I do it nonetheless.  I would like to add one of these lil pouches to my organization collection.  At 20 bucks a pop, you can't go wrong.  (Note to self... remember this for Secret Santa exchanges this year.)

via Missibaba


girloliver said...

I do the same thing! I usually like LeSportSac, just since they are washable, but these are really cute!

julia wheeler said...

that's brilliant... i never really thought about washing my le sportsac stuff! is that like a thing and i've totally been missing out?

girloliver said...

hahaha I don't know? Some old ladies told me about once! I think it says not to - to just hand wash them, but I turn them inside out and they are fine. How's SD?

bink and boo said...

Love the prints!

julia wheeler said...

bianca, ALMOST as cute as bink and boo... but not quite!

heidi, things are busy here... the weather is SO dry... typical october fire weather! how's the east coast? hope all is well with you, lil miss preggo!

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