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Commune Design is responsible for the rad design we all know and love at the Ace Hotel Palm Springs but did you know that they also have an online shop filled with loads of amazingness, equal to the Ace in their radness?  
Exhibit A:
One-of-a-kind Commune Throw Pillows made from vintage kilims

Exhibit B:
Commune Tooled Leather Coasters

Exhibit C:

All of these items and more are available in the Commune Community Shop.  


Krissy :: Miss B and Hustle said...

Oooh, how did I not know about this? Oh and I think of you every time I see anything "tooled", haha, I'm not sure why!

julia wheeler said...

yess! because of my tooled leather purse collection circa our moms' arts and crafts camp projects in the 60s maybe?!

modernhaus said...

Commune is awesome. Whenever I scout something really weird and esoteric I tell Brick House "I'm gonna buy it and then sell it Commune!"
But then I keep it. ;)

julia wheeler said...

i don't know how you sell half the stuff you do, summer! you probably should sell stuff to them... you can clearly hike the price up since they sell pillows for $400.

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