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Did you take my book recommendation a while back and read Patti Smith's Just Kids?  If not, you're long overdue.  If you don't read, you're in luck... the book is about to become a movie.  Knowing that Patti Smith is working closely with John Logan on this makes me somewhat hopeful that the film will live up to the book  (though that's probably wishful thinking because no movie ever lives up to a book.)  However, I would like to publicly beg that they don't use the girl from Twilight to play Patti (or anyone else in this film) as that is what kept me from seeing the Runaways movie.  She is painful to watch.  Part of me wants to rant about my favorite classic punk bands getting whored out (The New York Dolls are on tour with Motley Crue and Poison?!  Bret Michaels and Tommy Lee are hardly fit to lick the soles of David Johansen or Sylvain Sylvain's shoes!)  But the other part of me knows that everyone needs to make a buck and I hope the masses being exposed to this amazing piece of music history will make the bands/artists/musicians more appreciated by the general public.  What do you think... did you see The Runaways?  Would you see this?  Should Brad Pitt play Joey Ramone in a Ramones biopic? (joking!)


Lauren said...

Great. Now they're gonna whore the shit out of it and use Kristen Stewart and James Franco as the leading roles. You know Kristen already has her neo-nazi army working double overtime on this shizz.

La Feem said...

You crack me up non stop, did not see the Runaways but I should read this book.

Brad Pitt as Joey Ramon, you have to be kidding me..

julia wheeler said...

i will literally have protest signs in front of the fashion valley AMC if twilight ho is in this. wodie, come with. also, james franco... good call. he's all over this, i'm sure.

heather, you just never know! maybe i'm being dramatic. maybe they'll cast george clooney since he's at least a brunette.

julia wheeler said...

ooh wait! ryan gossling as dee dee ramone? that's happening.

Samantha said...

omg, i am so happy to hear it will be a film. i am interested to see what they do to it and how faithful they will be to the book. but i loved it and want more time to bask in the beauty of their story!


julia wheeler said...

i hope my sarcasm is coming through in these comments/posts.

i agree, samantha, i want to bask more in their love story too. totally beautiful.

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