Look of the Week // Brixton Fall 2011

Probably by now you know that I love my Brixton dudes.  All bias aside, I can honestly say this might be some of my favorite stuff to purchase for Fall 2011.  Two areas of fashion I can always get behind: basics and vintage.  Ever since about 4th grade, I've been trying to channel the look of the kids in our math books.  For some reason, our school's book company was still using pictures from the 70s (it was 1990 when I was in 4th grade) and those kids became my fashion icons.  Hence my lifelong obsession with Chuck Taylors, baseball tees and worn-in jeans.  Either that or watching The Sandlot one too many times (the sultan of swat!  the colossus of clout!  THE GREAT BAMBINO!)  Either way, Brixton's Fall 2011 collection really speaks to my inner 4th grade math book, basic-loving self and I need pretty much one of everything.

//1 Turner
//2 Wharf
//3 Richmond
//4 Gather (haydee & heather can have a chuckle at this one with me!)
//5 Coil
//6 Logan

Also, their rad commercial:


La Feem said...

You are beyond hilarious. I want #3!

Krissy Engle said...

Love all of these picks!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

The math books? Really? Love that. And I love Brixton. Those guys are just brilliant.

Happenstance said...

Ha, that's funny;) Loving the Richmond top. And I love your math kids fashion confession. It's so true!

julia wheeler said...

ooh you guys got my math book reference? i wasn't sure if it was just my school or not!

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