For Your Listening Enjoyment // GNR + The Stones

Did you know that Slash's Mom was a costume designer who designed for David Bowie and was totally drop-dead gorgeous?

Also, Saul Hudson was a real cutie before he turned into mega hottie, Slash:

Here's a rad cover of the Stones' Dead Flowers as done live by GNR.  Can't you picture (since I couldn't find the live footage... which I know exists!) Axl doing the Axl dance (you know the one!) during that guitar solo?  


Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Crazy behind-the-scenes moments... that Slash little boy pic is adorbs.

bink and boo said...

His mother was beautiful,talented, and sooooo badass! I've always been attracted to him and his hair, but I had no clue he was so dang cute as a kid. I smoosh his face and kiss him all day when he was little.

julia wheeler said...

bianca, i am with you on both counts! smoosh that face and kiss it all day... i mean, it's still a great face now but as a baby, get outta town!

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