Crafty: Fun With Sticks

Marlo, Kristen and I celebrated the first day of summer by getting crafty and digging through Kristen's garden clippings in the backyard.  Inspired by these blog posts, we had fun with sticks and random craft supplies:

It's cheap thrills, people!  I recommend using acrylic paint if you try the painting technique at home.  Other than that, go wild.

P.S. That is my office/craft table.  Someday I will show you more...


nilo_n said...

aw man! i missed out on stick crafts!! fun!!

La Feem said...

These are so rad!!!

Vintage is for Lovers said...

Love this! Reminds me of yarn bombing - which I am totally fascinated with! So going to do this with my boys and all of the sticks they have brought home from the beach over the weekend! xo Samantha

julia wheeler said...

nilo, you missed out... next time!

thanks heather!

sam, show us what you and your cutie kids whip up!

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