Worn In: New Balance Running Shoes

I love this post over on SecretForts, where the author, James, talks about receiving a pair of his dad's New Balance running shoes at the age of 8, which he still wears today.  It's definitely worth a read.  Check out how well-loved those babies are now:

If only I had been so thoughtful at such a young age... I might have hung on to my rad checkerboard slip-on Vans or my first pair of Chucks.  


Happenstance said...

What a cool story. Wish I would've held onto some of my own sneaks too. I've saved Penelope's and Kostas' Tretorns, Vans, Converse and Superga's so far. Hoping to make a cool box frame collage or something with them. Only bummer is I thought of this after getting rid of Penelope's first New Balance–they looked just like these.

La Feem said...

It's one of my favorite shoes.

julia wheeler said...

yay, haydes! i'm so glad you're doing that for your kiddos! bummer on the new balances but i'm sure there will be plenty more good ones worth saving!

diamond sofa said...

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