Su Casa: Marlo + A.J. Croce

I'm super excited to show you the ridiculously amazing house of my friends, Marlo and A.J. Croce.  Marlo is a sweet, beautiful Southern belle who treats you like family when you're in her home (and even when you aren't!)  She also has a killer Dolly Parton memoribillia collection (of which I am extremely jealous!)  A.J. a singer-songwriter, the son of the late, great, Jim Croce, and plays the piano and sings honky tonk tunes like nobody's business.  In general, they're just a couple of the coolest, nicest people ever.  Needless to say, their house is just as cool... filled with unique artifacts and antiques from all over the world -- Marrakesh to New Orleans and is located in a quiet little pocket of Mission Hills, San Diego.  Check out the radness:

And the lovely couple:

For more photos (taken by the ever-talented Kristen Murino), check out this Flickr set.


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

It's so nice to see a photo of the couple with their home. Their place is really incredible -- they have so many wonderful little treasures to discover in each room. And I love that eclectic style.

Brittany H. said...

Incredible home and a gorgeous couple. Have a wonderful day.

You Are My Favorite

La Feem said...

What a fantastic house! Great post.

julia wheeler said...

so much radness, right? stupid blogger... of course this post is the one that got caught up in the great blogger disaster of 2011!

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