Me Gusta La Musica: Bruce + Stevie (and Beatles vs Stones)

In between doing yard work, pilates and bbq'ing, I spent the weekend listening to The Bruce and Stevie Show on Little Steven's Underground Garage.  All weekend long, Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt chatted about growing up in the Jersey Shore music scene, teaching themselves guitar tricks on accident, what music was influencing them at the time and rattling off information about rock and roll, blues and punk rock with the encyclopedic knowledge that you'd expect of these two greats.  One of my favorite parts of the chat was when they started comparing and contrasting the Beatles and the Stones and how they both changed their lives -- each in a different way. They thought the Beatles were so amazing and that no one else could ever be like them... so happy and so perfect... and it intimidated them as wannabe musicians.  Then The Stones came around with a raw, dirty blues sound... looking serious and kind of a hot mess and they thought, "hey... maybe there is a place for us."  Bruce Springsteen said he never felt so relieved because he felt like he didn't have to dress up on stage anymore... and that he's never been very good at dressing up.  I feel ya, Boss.  Little Steven also mentioned that he thought Mick Jagger was the first Rock and Roller to bring seriousness to the big stage.  Most other bands were super smiley up on stage, while Mick was straight-faced and serious.  Case in point:

[skip to 1:30 to bypass the intro (but why would you want to miss out on a Brian Jones/Mick Jagger interview?)]

I am obsessed with this station and hold true to the fact that Siruis is worth every penny.  I would cancel my cable before I'd cancel my Sirius.  Pinky promise.

Photo: Fin Costello - Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt performing on stage - Born to Run Tour, October 11th 1975. via


Vintage is for Lovers said...

You have the best music taste! And the history and commentary is just as lovely! Keep 'em coming girlfriend! Loving every minute! Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! xo Samantha

julia wheeler said...

thanks girl! glad you like these... good to know i have another old soul out there who's into this stuff too!

La Feem said...

I love the boss, I love the Beatles and the Stones and i love this post!

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