Look of the Week: Rhinestone Cowboys

I want to be a cowboy.  I want to live on a ranch and ride horses all day... and I want to do so while wearing a glittery Nudie Suit.  Nudie Cohn the famous rodeo tailor dressed everyone from Roy Rogers, Johnny Cash and Porter Waggoner to Cher, Elton John and Jimmy Page.  His looks and cars were just as flashy and flamboyant as the man who made them... and the Hollywood icons who wore them.

Sonny and Cher in Nudie designs

Burrito Brothers in Nudies

Gram & Nudie (image via) What a babe.  Gram, not Nudie.

Elvis & Nudie

Nudie fitting a model (image via my copy of Nudie The Rodeo Tailor)

Nudie and a Nudie Mobile (Photo by Mike Salisbury via and via)

Roy Rogers' suit collection... presumably Nudie (via Life Archives)

Roy and a trusty steed... living my dream life (via Life Archives)
Kinda dreamy, right?  Oh to be a rhinestone cowboy.  Who wants to join me in campfire songs and bedazzled horseback riding?


Melissa said...

I can TOTALLY picture you in one of those suits!!

julia wheeler said...

haha thanks mel! what a compliment! ;)

bink and boo said...

Who needs an NRA sticker when you have wheels like Nudie.

P.S. We have a similar dream.

P.P.S When I was little Rhinestone Cowboy was my favorite movie. Then I saw Urban Cowboy and that is still my all time favorite (next to West Side Story)

julia wheeler said...

hahahaha bianca! don't even get me started on urban cowboy!!! so good! i want to go to Gilly's pronto in my sequined suit!

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