For Your Listening Enjoyment: Song For My Mama

This weekend is Mother's Day and I hope all of my mom friends are going to get nice and spoiled by their kiddos... you deserve it.  I have a song dedication for my amazing, beautiful, selfess, intelligent mama.  She puts every person on this earth before herself (she's a therapist so that really is not an exaggeration!)  To so many people, my sister, pops and myself included, she really is an angel.  In her younger years, people used to compare her looks to Bonnie Raitt so I thought this song was fitting in more ways than one:

mama & me

I love you more than tongue can tell, mama!


Anonymous said...

How incredibly sweet and thoughtful of you my precious, beautiful child....thank you for the tribute, song and photo of a day and time that feels like yesterday....sigh- love you, yo mama

La Feem said...

You were the cutest!!!!

julia wheeler said...

i love you too, my beautiful mama... and you too, heather! ;)

C... said...

I'm going to go ahead and ditto everything you said about your mama. Definitely an angel. I must have been channeling you, because I've been listening to this song on repeat for a couple of weeks now!

I love your face in the picture. You still make the same expression. Love, Little Celia

julia wheeler said...

cil bedil, of course we're on the same page... always. love you, love bucket:)

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