For Your Listening Enjoyment: The Man on the Silver Mountain

I'm a few days late on my usual Friday music post, partially because of Blogger's giant fail last week and partially because it lined up with a date of memorial.  A year ago today, one of the Godfathers of heavy metal when up to the big Rainbow in the sky.  Pay your respects by throwing up the metal horns and/or watching this video (skip to the 1 minute mark if you don't care for Ritchie Blackmore's intro guitar solo!)

For anyone else who's into this kind of music, I highly recommend taking a listen to Graveyard.  It's total Sabbath-era metal done by young Swedish dudes.  Pure amazingness.


Anna Elder said...

have you heard dave dee, dozy, beaky, mitch & titch? Hold Tight is an awesome song. i think you would like it.

julia wheeler said...

ooh i love it anna, thanks for the rec!!

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