Shoe Love: Worn In

I caught this post a while back on At One's Discretion and couldn't get the image of these perfectly worn-in Vans out of my mind.

Everyone has to have something comparable in their closet and each of those items have a story to tell.  Mine would be my black Chuck Taylors, who have been with me for the last 10 years.  Yes, 10 years.  They were around to see Rocket From The Crypt and Black Flag at the Casbah and they've been to Spain twice as well as London and Greece.  They only get better looking with age, just like those Vans.  Do you have anything that's perfectly worn in with many a memory attached?


Anna Elder said...

i had some jack purcell's that were similar. they got left in a cabin in san antonio though. im such a flip fliop person now. i do have flip flops so worn in you can see an imprint of my foot. does that count?

La Feem said...

HIgh top Vans are one of my all time favorite shoes and although I don't have mine from my youth I covet them when I see them on anyone!!

Vintage is for Lovers said...

Sadly, I have not saved my shoes that looked very much like this, and they were Vans, standard. BUT, I am saving all my boys, and they are beginning to look a lot like these! xo Samantha ps. Please wear them to the trunk show. ;)

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

For me, it's Converse. But I don't get shoes that get to this level of destruction -- well, except to paint in.

Happenstance said...

Yup. My back Chuck's as well with black laces. Nothing like 'em. They've been everywhere as well.

julia wheeler said...

heartbreaking, anna!

heather, i agree! i'd give anything to get my old vans from childhood or middle school back!

sam, i love that you are doing that! brilliant idea!

brandi, most of us probably don't since we aren't shredding them to pieces on a skateboard, which isn't too bad a thing since we can make our shoes stick around even longer!

haydes, i knew yours would be the same... good ol chucks!

victoria / cats dreaming in keylime said...

My son's shoes ... exactly.

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