For Your Listening Enjoyment: Junior High + Tomboy Memories

After reading this post on Tomboy Style earlier this week, where a chef recalls being handed the key to the men's restroom as a little girl, I couldn't help but remember the time I was mistaken for a boy on our 8th grade trip to Great America -- in front of the boy I liked all through middle school.  It definitely wasn't the first time that mistake was made but it was probably the most traumatic.  I mostly never cared to be called a boy back then because I related more to the guys -- I could talk to them about punk rock and we typically enjoyed the same types of jokes (a solid combo of self-deprecation and toilet humor.)  While driving to work this morning, Cryin' by Aerosmith came on and it sent me right back to Junior High and reminded me that back then, I found solace in the fact that if I looked like a guy, I kind of looked like Steven Tyler.  And he was really effing cool in the 90s.  But wait!  Here's the cool part: my middle school crush?  He still really liked me back -- even after witnessing someone mistake me for a boy!  Also, I ultimately found a really rad husband who is comfortable enough with his masculinity that he can deal with me being a non-dainty female.  And, yes, we still enjoy punk rock, self-deprecation and toilet humor.

Nowadays, I wear the title of "Tomboy" like a badge of honor.  I can open my own almond butter jars, thank you very much.  And jeans are more comfortable than dresses any day of the week.

Now, here's a dose of Aerosmith to send you back in time.  This is best enjoyed at a very high volume so you can't hear yourself missing Steven's high notes as you scream along.


La Feem said...

Your one hot tomboy, I'll tell ya that. Ain't nobody confusing you for a boy these days.

julia wheeler said...

haha thanks heather... you are the best:)

Bunny and the Wolf said...

I am a total tomboy.I feel most myself when I don't have a lick of femine edge other than lipstick. Recently a friend of ours was trying to describe a girl that he found to be really girly and out of nowhere he said "not like Anna". I was shocked at first but then took it as a compliment.I feel most comfortable the way I am. So does the hubz, which makes it even more perfect. Great subject Julia.

julia wheeler said...

anna, you should totally take that as a compliment. you are yourself and that is RAD.

kristen murino said...

was just talking about this video the other wanted to be alicia silverstone during this era!

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