A Valentine Love Story: Harold + Maude

Growing up, I was looked at as weird or eccentric because, thanks to my health conscious, hippie parents, we ate sprouted wheat bread and Laura Schudders PB&Js and didn't have cable so were exposed to my parents taste in movies and music only -- not what was dictated by CableTown.  I am so thankful for this because I now realize that I love and appreciate the health food I grew up with (Panda licorice!)  as well as the media my parents introduced to us.  Enter Harold and Maude, a family favorite, owned on VHS in our household.  I truly think this movie played into my understanding of love and finding an appropriate match. 

Harold's stodgy mom tries to force him to date bland but beautiful young girls to whom he has no connection and literally scares off through acting out his death by suicide in multiple fashions.  He meets Maude who is eccentric and has a true zest for life -- and is much his senior.  Despite their differences in age and outlook on life, they fall in love and find they actually have much to learn from each other.  It's a beautiful love story which taught me that a good match might be one who is eccentric but who provides a balance to your own eccentricity.  It also taught me that things are more magical when Cat Stevens provides all of the background music. 

Happy Valentine's Day month!  Looking for romantic plans for the 14th?  Ace Hotel Palm Springs has a special based on these two love birds.  P.S. If you haven't seen this movie and Harold looks familiar, it's because he was in The Life Aquatic.  Leave it to Wes Anderson, right?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Dig it!Love ya.

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