For Your Listening Enjoyment: The Ramones

I know I just posted about The Ramones a few weeks ago but this is such a good, fun Friday song.  I thought we all might need a little bit of soul to send us into the weekend!

image via Stereo LP
Happy weekend!


La Feem said...

I just listened to this twice!! I love the Ramones with all my heart and this song is PERFECT to start the weekend.. you are a music goddess!

Have a great weekend. xo

kendall k. said...

Love me some Ramones!! perfect for staring off the weekend. My friend used to play in the best Ramones cover band, the Pinheads, but they broke up. sad day.
have a great weekend!

Vintage is for Lovers said...

The Ramones one in my top 5 all time favorite bands! Love! Thanks for kicking off my birthday weekend with some soul! xo Samantha

abeethousand said...

I always thought that if you hadn't gotten together with Dusty, you should've been with Joey. I don't know why, it just seemed right.

Anonymous said...

I thought a better fit would have been your mom with joey but i'm glad i came along first.

julia wheeler said...

yay glad you all loved! araby, i've always had a weird secret crush on joey. dad, he's totally not mom's type... she loves long-haired hippie-chef-of-the-mountain types:)

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