For Your Listening Enjoyment: The Ramones Live @ CBGB

My favorite Joey Ramone story is from Please Kill Me.  The Ramones were all into going to Max's Kansas City to watch the New York Dolls and the thing to do around that time was to cross-dress in heinous old lady thrift store dresses.  Joey was super into this and was dressing in horrendous drag while fronting the band Sniper.  Not a very attractive man, he made and even less attractive woman.  Joey got his face bashed in while hitchhiking in drag on Queens Boulevard one evening so in their new band, The Ramones, they opted to be more themselves in Levi's and leather.  Lucky for us, eh?

The sound on this video sucks but just pretend it's because you're really at CBGB and you blew out your eardrums!


Brandi said...

Oh the Ramones and CBGB...I miss the old NYC. I used to walk by that place all the time when I was going to school at NYU and I just marveled.

taryn said...

love this post jules! how fun it would be to be at that show!

julia wheeler said...

SO rad to be at that show... how do i get on a wait list for a time machine?! brandi, i am still sad i never saw a show there... but at least i got to walk through the doors while it was till around!

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