Su Casa: Morocco Dream Casa

Dusty and I are currently hooked on the idea of trying to finagle a way to get ourselves to Spain and Morocco for New Year's.  If we end up working it out, obviously I'll let you all in on the details... keep your fingers crossed!  On that note, let's take a virtual tour to Morocco, shall we?  This is a gorgeous home via The New York Times:

Entry Way

Obsessed with the light and chairs in this bedroom

This tile is unreal -- so gorgeous!

How dreamy is this patio perch?!
Thanks for the link, Pops!  Be sure to check out the whole casa tour here!


Brandi said...

Spain and Morocco for the New Year would be incredible. I've been wanting to travel there for a long time, but my next trip will be to Italy where a good portion of my boyfriend's family lives. And this house! I agree with you about that bathroom tile -- it makes the whole room glow.

Happenstance said...

That would be amazing Julia! Crossing my fingers for you:)

La Feem said...

This home is fricken amazing! I so hope you two get to go, that would be incredible.

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