Look of the Week: Erin Fetherston x ME

I think I am secretly Erin Fetherston's muse.  Note the names:

Songbird Shift Dress

Julia Dress


nilo said...

cute!! i wish i could stuff myself into those dresses!!!

Brandi said...

Obviously! And both those dresses would look super cute on you too.

The EF Team said...

Thanks for the shoutout Julia!

Make sure to check out our new blog on www.erinfetherston.com.

The Erin Fetherston Team

julia wheeler said...

nilo, shut it! you could get yourself in one of the dresses... you might need to wear a duct tape bra though!

thanks brandi! i feel like i could see you in the songbird dress!

EF Team! You are awesome! Thank goodness for Google Alerts? :)

Happenstance said...

You're totally her muse! I feel like your paths are going to cross now.

bink and boo said...

That first dress is sooooo cute. The second dress is the most perfect little black dress.
I would have to be wearing double spanx and duct tape myself in order to squeeze into one of the dresses.

Krissy Engle said...

These dresses are HOT! Just like you!

La Feem said...

You totally are!!! How funny, she's lucky to have you to draw inspiration from.

LOVE the new blog look!!!

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