Su Casa: Arabella Harrison

I am so excited to present to you another house tour from one of my fantastic friends!  Today I am showing off the Point Loma digs of the amazingly talented Arabella Harrison.  Araby sings like an angel and also like an outlaw.  She is the perfect combination of sweet, smart and opinionated (we oldest siblings have a tendency to be so.)  A tomboy with fabulous style, she is the only real-life person I know who owns a pair of YSL Tributes, thankyouverymuch.  Araby works as a freelance jingle-writer, full-time mama and blogs over at Surfer Chic.  Her blog title is the perfect explanation of her house, "California Rustic, 70's Surf Vibes, Coastal Modern, Tropical Paradise."  Thanks for letting us in on your casa, Bella!

guest room/den

open dining room/living room

living room/record collection

cozy beach vibe master bedroom

bitchin' jewelry collection/master bedroom

vintage rock poster postcards (i think these were her dad's?  did i make that up, araby?)
tk's room!

feathers in the entryway

Check out my Flickr for the full set of photos and catch up on some Surfer Chic!


abeethousand said...

The pix look great, nice work editor! :-)

La Feem said...

So surfer chic, I love it.

Jenelle said...

Your house is super chic and glad to see Jules posted pics of it here! Love it!


Call. Me. Back.

Christopher said...

oooooooo records!

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