Look of the Week: YSL

YSL Arty rings are back at Net-A-Porter.  I bought this one a few years ago and I'm still in love:

YSL Arty Flower Ring
I'd love to snag either of these too:

YSL Arty Turquoise Enamel Ring

YSL Arty Glass Ring
They're kind of a steal at $200, right?  Probably the only other thing you could buy from YSL for $200 is like a pair of socks or something.


La Feem said...

Amazing rings Julia, that is a score!!!

julia wheeler said...

i knew you'd agree with me, heather:)

Lisa Michelle Cifuentes said...

These are stunning. I want the glass one!!

The Fashion P.A. said...

I'm coming to San Diego for Christmas, is it easy to find YSL arty rings at Neiman Marcus? Always in stock? I want one soo bad! :)


julia wheeler said...

Fashion P.A., i don't think they sell them at neiman marcus but you could definitely give it a shot. i got mine up at south coast plaza at YSL and they actually replaced it for me when the ring broke a year later too! head up there if you have time while you're down in SD!

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