For Your Listening Enjoyment: Vintage Aerosmith

When you think of Aerosmith, you automatically think of Dream On or Alicia Silverstone wearing plaid, getting her bellybutton pierced, right?  Don't get me wrong, Get A Grip was one of my favorite albums in 6th grade but it's not really true rock & roll... it's more pop rock.  I remember having this conversation with one of my old co-workers (for my TWS friends, I'm talking about Baldy... so random, I know, but he has really freaking good taste in music.  Ex-punk rocker + ex-pro surfer... who knew?!)  Anyway, he was trying to convince me that Aerosmith's early albums from the early to mid 70s were really great.  I was hesitant to believe this... especially since at the time I was only listening to The New York Dolls and The Jam BUT sure enough, the guy knows his stuff:

Sick as a Dog:

Here's one of my faves... with an amazing intro by Little Richard!  Train Kept A Rollin':


La Feem said...

You're such an old school soul, I love it.

Christopher said...

old aerosmith is by the far the best in my opinion, great songs there

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