Around Town: Venice Beach Edition

Last weekend I was up in L.A. for my friend's bachelorette party.  We stayed in Marina del Rey but I jetted over to Venice for a bit to check out a few shops on Abbot Kinney.  BUT there was one in particular I had been dying to see forever!  I found Surfing Cowboys online and have since been itching for a chance to check it out in person.  It's so much more amazing in person, let me tell you.  The vibe is awesome and feels like you stepped right into a 60s surf shack... with way more style than most surfers I know have!  I didn't snap any pictures but here are some faves from their site:

PLEASE go check it out next time you're in L.A.!  Venice is so adorable that if I wasn't so in love with San Diego, I could be tempted to move!


Punctuation Mark said...

i love venice!!! it's so much fun and they have the best food!!!

Meghan said...

Ooh! That place looks awesome. Thanks for the tip!

La Feem said...

So cute! I did not see that place the last time I was there, will check it out.

Cheers darling!

Anna Elder said...

gosh you make me miss CA. love the pieces! new follower, cute blog!


Surfing Cowboys is the shit. I'm kind of loving Venice lately - I used t hate that place like five years ago, but now I think its kind of charming.

julia wheeler said...

@ punctuation mark -- we had the most delish brunch while there! mint lemonade!

@ meghan -- venice would be a fun weekend getaway from SB!

@ heather -- you would love it for sure... but you'd have to take time away from clothes hunting:)

@ anna -- sorry... come back? :) gracias!

@ morgan -- agreed... LA in general used to give me the heebie geebies but parts of it (like venice) have been growing on me lately. but the traffic still blows!

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