Trend Alert: Octopus

It has come to my attention via this Apartment Therapy article that sea life is really in right now, namely octopi (I think it might just be "octopus" but octopi is more fun to say!)  I mean, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out... Thomas Paul and John Derian both have sea life collections.  Now we just need to round that out with a Jonathan Adler ceramic octopus and the trend will be complete.  Here are some examples from the article:

 Just wanted to remind you that you didn't really see it here first... I'm no trendsetter.  BUT you did happen see it here at some point, which is also a point in which this trend is taking place:

Guess that means I'm hip?  Nah.  But Nilo is!


Happenstance said...

Oh I'm not surprised you have an "octapi" in your house too. I hope Todd Selby sees this and realizes the awesome collabo that could come out of shooting your house dammit.

taryn said...

i like "octapi"! ;)

Krissy Engle said...

You are definitely the first to know about trends! You are definitely the first person I saw rock high-waisted pants!

La Feem said...

You're pretty dang hip, don't sell yourself short. I didn't realize it was a trend!

Brandi said...

I disagree -- I think you're totally a trendsetter. And octapi are fun; they bring me back to those tales of the old sea where monsters roamed and pirates often attacked.

julia wheeler said...

thanks haydes, i love how you're as adamant about this as i!

t, i'm with you -- let's go with octopi... call webster and we'll make it so!

haha krissy! i think i single-handedly made david hate the high-waist... before it was even a trend!

thanks heather and brandi for your trendsetting assurance:)

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