Su Casa: Tim & Nicki Bluhm

Sorry to be such an irresponsible blogger this week. Work has been completely insane and I've literally been working on this post all week... at least it's a really good one! This is my new blog feature: sneak peaks into my friends' casas! Super exciting! I have some ridiculously talented friends who also happen to have amazing style. I know everyone loves to get creepy and house-voyeuristic so here's to ya!

Tim & Nicki Bluhm are a lovely couple who live up in San Francisco. Tim is a solo artist as well as the front man for the Mother Hips.  Nicki is a teacher and singer. I've talked about her here and here so you should be familiar with her by now!  They are both very tall.  And very talented.  This is demonstrated very sweetly in this video of the two of them making music in their casa... also, this is one of my favorite Bonnie Raitt songs so it's wins all around for me with that little number!

Their casa definitely has an eclectic hippie vibe with a total artistic touch. You can tell that every nook and cranny has some sort of inside joke (they are both super funny) or brings them peace and creativity.   Here is a peek inside Tim & Nicki's casa:

blogging station / office area

outdoor entry - Nicki rides horses so there's a definite equestrian touch throughout the casa!

craft station!

hearth -- i love those candlesticks!

frye boot collection:)

music den

master bedroom

living room
Nicki blogs about back country outdoor goodness here and her music is here.  She has a new album called Driftwood that will be out in January!

The Mother Hips will be playing at The Belly Up on December 31st.  If you're not in S.D., you can check out their full tour schedule here.  They're about to start recording a new album too!

There are a bunch more pictures up in my Flickr here.  Stay tuned for more bitchin' houses!


Meghan said...

Oh MAN I've never been to their house, but I always knew it would be perfectly vintagey-eclectic, just like that! I think Andrew and I are going to the new years show, it would be great to meet you!

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