Mi Casa: Fall Cure 2010

Is anyone else doing the Apartment Therapy Fall Cure?  Today's task is to establish a landing strip.  I don't like the name of it... maybe because I worked in a waxing parlor (also dubbed the depilitorium) for a while.  I do LOVE the idea of it.  Our mail is toppling over in a random spot in our house, the entry table holds nothing and there are bags all over the place.  I find Dusty's keys and old cups of coffee in the strangest places.  We NEED a damn landing strip.  I hope to not get hope at another awful hour tonight so I can actually do this.  I'll post before and after pics once I actually set it up.  I'm open to ideas if you have any!

Here are a few from design*sponge that have been sitting in my inspiration folders:

we don't ride bikes enough to do this, i don't have room for this hat rack and my walls are white.

it always looks cleaner when it's staged
 This really bears no relation to landing strips (ew?) but since I'm sharing some inspiration photos, this one I pulled a few months ago has been on my mind lately since a friend of mine recently scored a similar painting at an estate sale.  DAMN!  I want!  What is it?  A colored photo?  A poster?  Oil painting?  Thrift store gods, send this my way.

P.S. Happy birthday, Rufus!!  He's 2!

they grow up so fast!


bink and boo said...

Good luck. My "landing strip" looks like dungeon. That doesn't sound right, but you know what I mean.

P.S. Happy Birthday Rufus!

Brandi said...

Rufus is adorable! I have no landing strip, but I'm still living in an apartment with a roommate. I just deal with mail as soon as I get it rather than let it pile up anywhere. And keys always find their way to my desk.

La Feem said...

In love with the yellow piece.

Happy b-day Rufus, lucky dog to have you as a mama.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Rufus, uncle mickey

julia wheeler said...

haha i can't keep a straight face while talking to you all about "landing strips!" especially since my dad just commented. awkward. ;)

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