For Your Listening Enjoyment: Bridge School Benefit Concert

I am a serious pessimist.  When really cool things are about to happen to me, I have a tendency to think they won't really come to fruition so I basically act like that's the truth until I see it with my own two eyes.  I've been on a quest to see Elton John since before I even had a driver's license.  None of my efforts have ever panned out and I just kept telling myself it would work out eventually.  I think, my friends, it finally has.  I won't believe it until I see it but I have a plane ticket and a concert ticket to get up to The Bridge School Benefit Concert on Sunday.  Here's the line-up:

  • Buffalo Springfield
  • Pearl Jam
  • T-Bone Burnett’s Speaking Clock Revue featuring Elton John & Leon Russell, Elvis Costello, Ralph Stanley, Neko Case and Jeff Bridges
  • Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson
  • Modest Mouse
  • Grizzly Bear
If this actually happens,  the wait will be well worth it.  I'll be seeing Elton John and Leon Russell together.  It's almost too much for my heart to bear.  I feel like crying just thinking about it.  Not to mention all of the other greats on that list... Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson!  Buffalo Springfield reunion!  Jeff Bridges!  Dusty and I saw Elvis Costello a few years ago but I know this will be different because he'll be playing with the man, the legend: LEON RUSSELL!

Of those I just listed, here are some of my favorite songs by each:

Is this really happening?  Fingers crossed.  Oh P.S. don't forget to read this post... it bears some relation as my friend, Nicki, opened up for Leon once.  Dream!



Lauren said...

this just made me cry.

Meghan said...

I'm gonna be there on Sunday too!

La Feem said...

Have the best time, how wonderful!!! You are such an old school soul, I love it and honey if anyone can pull off the Burberry and thigh highs it's YOU!

Casa de Familia said...

bring a sweater and wear sunscreen....guess who!

Michelle Salz-Smith said...

I'm so jealous!!!! Oh it's going to be an absolute blast! Only Conway Twitty could possibly make it any better. :)

'odd and old' Linda Dacey said...

hope this pans out for you. i have a dream to see bruce springsteen live in the states; caught him several times in europe but tops would be in the usa. have fun...

kendall k. said...

AWESOME!!! I'm super jealous. I have always wanted to see Elton live.

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