Weekend Re-Cap: Salton Sea & Palm Desert/Beach

This weekend we headed out to the desert to take a look at the once-thriving, now-desolate Salton Sea. We hit up Bombay Beach so that my sister-in-law could snap some photos and then we promptly raced back to the car before melting. I can't wait to see her photos... it was so beautiful yet so creepy out there.

 Then we headed out to stay at her best friend's grandma's place in Sun City, Palm Desert. I want to retire there... now. Really I just want to retire... it could pretty much be anywhere.

We had dinner at a touristy spot in Downtown Palm Springs and then drinks at The Ace, where we ended up for breakfast the next day too!

The thrifts were ok on Sunday... I almost ended up with a Cher jumpsuit my sister-in-law found but I didn't get it... I'm sure I'll be kicking myself come October.

We topped it all off with a birthday dinner for the sis-in-law at my mother-in-law's for chicken three ways and a ridiculously amazing homemade apple pie.  I'm still full.  Happy Monday!  (Trying not to say that with sarcasm!)


La Feem said...

What a rad weekend! The Salton Sea is crazy, I've never been but I've read and heard all about it. Don't forget to randomly play the lotto if you really want to retire now! Visualize it....xo

Happenstance said...

How could you turn down a Cher jumpsuit?! You are about the only person in the universe who could pull it off!

Great pic of you.

Tanya Wheeler said...

soooo much fun!!! Thanks for making my B-day so relaxing!!!!! Must do again!

julia wheeler said...

heather, you have to get out there... it's crazy! good advice... i really should start playing the lotto just in case:)

haydes, i know, i know, i know. i already regret it. damn.

yanya!! thank you for spending your b-day with us!! xo

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