Rad Real Estate: Jim Morrison's Casa

Jim Morrison's Laurel Canyon House is up for sale. It's kind of amazing. It's a Spanish Ranch gone Gothic -- exactly what you'd expect from the poet-singer. Do you know that Iggy Pop took a trip to San Francisco, saw Jim Morrison perform and that was when it all clicked for him? The on-stage drama, shirtless, leather pants performance were what he needed to figure out who he wanted to be as a performer. So you wanna see pics of Jim's house?

 Oh, and this too:
clearly he didn't rip Jim off or anything -- just a dab of inspiration -- Iggy is surely one of a kind!


La Feem said...

Omg I love this house! Have a great week.

Bunny and the Wolf said...

I almost posted this to my blog the other day. I love the first picture. I wish I was hanging out there for sure. So great!

Brandi said...

That house is amazing! The outdoor seating and fire pit totally got me. I have to say though it'd be a little weird to know Jim Morrison lived there. I think I'd always hear his singing in my head haunting me as I wandered about

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