Mi Casa: Mas Updates -- Big Time!

We had a huge weekend of updates, folks.  Dusty finished tiling almost all of the house!  We're doing tile flooring in two of the bedrooms, the hallway between bedrooms and our bathroom that just got mostly updated.  This meant I was finally able to set up our guest room!  We still need to do baseboards but that's easy peasy compared to setting 24"x24" tiles on super uneven floors.  Not that I know anything about that, which is among the many reasons why Dusty is a saint.  Anywho, the bathroom and guestroom are done, I got my craft table set up AND an amazing birthday gift from one of my artist friends.  On with the update photos for more info!

That amazing vintage mexican blanket was a Santee Swap Meet $5 score!
My Dolly Parton Hatch Show Print now lives next door to my Dolly album centerfold

I re-finished this Ikea dresser last year and threw on some Anthropologie knobs
Anthropologie SALE BIN score on that pot!

Pardon this toilet picture but the bathroom is small and I wanted you to see my finished floors!
We didn't touch the counter top (which looks worse in person than it does in this photo) and obviously the mirror situation needs to get handled... this is why I say our bathroom is 95% done.
craft central
My amazing friend, Nilo, gave me a seriously RAD birthday present -- a giant octopus drawing on my chalkboard-paint-wall!  Obsessed much?!  I am in love with it!

Also, a final plea to you all... we lagging behind in The Selby Contest and we need to get back up into the Top 50!  HELP!  Vote for a Gypsy Modern Work-In-Progress here: http://www.theselbycontest.com/entry/76778?=tb10 by Wednesday!


nilo said...

yay for finished floors!!

i see a couple spots on mr. octopus i need to redo!

Nicki Bluhm said...

i LOVE the way you made over that ikea dresser! what kind of finish did you use?

nameisgrace said...

i love dolly! she was on the nate berkus show today!

Happenstance said...

Everything is looking so good! And what a great birthday gift from your friend. It looks super cool, very unique.

julia wheeler said...

nilo, i love the octopus... you're being a perfectionist!

nicki, i used whatever dark stain was in our garage... i sanded the hell out of it first and it thankfully wasn't particleboard!

grace, i saw the previews but didn't catch the show... i'm sure she was adorable!

thanks haydes! :)

Brandi said...

I'm so impressed! You have such style and such a good eye. And that octopus! It's amazing! Hope all the other work is going well!

Karen said...

Looks great, all of it... Is it too late to ask where you got that shower curtain?

julia wheeler said...

hey karen! it was actually from urban outfitters last year... on sale. not sure if it's available anymore but it could be worth a shot to check it out online!

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