For Your Listening Enjoyment: Traveling Wilburys

Comprised of music legends George Harrison, Jeff Lynne (ELO), Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan, The Traveling Wilburys were really only around for a couple of years until Roy Orbison passed.  Until then, though, it was great to get some great tune collaborations from a group of legends.  Quick story.  Did you ever read Cash by Johnny Cash?  If not, you should... it's like your grandpa telling you stories... if your grandpa was a musical legend and hung out with other legends.  But I digress...  there was a story in the book about how Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash were neighbors and very good friends and would chat and harass each other over the fence.  One day they got on the subject of how cool it would be to have long hair and braid it with a bow like Thomas Jefferson.  They bet each other that the other would never do it.  Johnny Cash forgot all about it, went on tour and ended up never seeing Roy again as he passed away shortly after.  He flew back to go to Orbison's funeral, he goes up to the casket... and low and behold, he was lying in the casket with a Thomas Jefferson braid/bow.  Freaking awesome.  Roy Orbison just got that much cooler to you, right?  Anyway, all that to say... have a great weekend and here are the Traveling Wilburys:

Ugh... the dang record company won't let me embed the song so click here... this song will put a smile on your face, promise!

Yeah, I know this isn't a picture of The Wilburys but I just love that Orbison/Cash story


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